Öxarárfoss, Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

We Got Engaged!

Engaged, betrothed, future husband! 💍

Back in November, in front of a frozen waterfall in Iceland, at sunset, my boyfriend of 11 years, 4 months and 25 days, asked me to be his wife. So now we’re engaged and that’s pretty cool.

It seems silly because of the age we live in but we wanted to make sure everyone important found out face-to-face so we kept it quiet on Social Media for the longest time. Then, our usual New Year’s Eve with our pals happened and now the cat’s out of the bag! 🐱

Iceland is a country that we’d planned to visit for a long time and we really went all out for it. It was one of the best trips we’ve been on and getting engaged just topped it off! Despite it being our ‘dream holiday’, Moon has always done things his own way so us getting engaged was kind of at the back of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of romantic moments and places and I have wanted to get married for a while (11 years together is long enough…) but I never wanted him to ask me because I told him to or because I’d been ‘subtly dropping hints’, so I guess I had to wait.

A lot of people have asked me whether I knew. I mean, despite the lack of ‘pressure’, I didn’t exactly make it a secret that Iceland would be a nice place to get engaged… but I honestly knew nothing! There were a few weird things that happened beforehand over the course of the trip but I just kind of brushed them off. If I’ve ever been taught anything, it’s not to assume.

Getting Engaged in Iceland

Don’t go in the backpack!

The first strange part was sending me up to our room at the Travelodge we stayed in the night before we left. We had just finished our ‘holiday mode’ drinks at the bar and were ready for bed before our early start the next day. Rather than coming up to the room with me, he said he needed to call his dad and wouldn’t be able to in the room (he would have). It was at this point that he told his dad his plans for the holiday, I guess because he wanted to tell someone. He had actually already asked my mum’s permission earlier that day (quite the traditionalist 💓).

Moon had the ring on him nearly the entire time, not wanting to put it in the hotel safe for fear of me finding it or it potentially getting pick-pocketed by the cleaners (there was almost zero chance of that happening, our hotel was so nice). Sometimes it was in his backpack, sometimes it was in the front pocket of his coat – the former meant that if I wanted to quickly grab some water, he’d snatch the bag back from me. I’m not sure why I didn’t think much of it, I guess because he likes to do things for me a lot of the time so I thought it was just a slightly more aggressive form of that rather than him hiding anything from me.

Getting Engaged in Iceland
Getting Engaged in Iceland

Bright Blue Winter Skies

After a late drive back in a snowstorm the night before (Iceland does not do weather by halves) set us back for a few other things we had wanted to do that day, we decided renting the car for an extra day would be the best idea to make the most of our trip. The office wasn’t open until 8am but Moon was up from 6:30 ready to go (still no idea at this point).

This actually ended up being one of the best days of the trip. Weather-wise, we (Moon) didn’t have to contend with any blizzards and we had glorious sunshine all day – that bright, light, winter weather that I love 💕 ❄️. It was still our coldest day, -6°C at some points. We started the day with a visit to The Secret Lagoon and it was that cold that our hair froze if our heads were out of the water for too long.

Getting Engaged in Iceland
Getting Engaged in Iceland

After the Secret Lagoon – I actually can’t get over how incredible Icelandic hot springs made my skin feel btw – we went to Friðheimar tomato farm for lunch before heading back to Þingvellir National Park to finish up the day. We has already visited Þingvellir on the Golden Circle tour we had included in our trip but felt like we got barely any time there. The tour was great but everyone got out of the bus, took a picture and got back on, so even when we had over an hour, we were always last back on the bus! Little did I know the return-trip was a slightly elaborate back-up plan…

Getting Engaged in Iceland
Getting Engaged in Iceland

“No way! You’re so stupid!*”

*an actual quote from me

Due to the rushing with the tour, Öxarárfoss was kind of off-limits and as we were back at the park, it seemed like the perfect chance to see it and tick it off our ‘must-sees’.

It was only around 4pm but the sun was already setting and it was -5°C. I had taken plenty of photos and appreciated the waterfall so as far as I was concerned, it was definitely time to go back to the car. Moon had other ideas… After jumping about on the rocks (in the frozen river beneath the frozen waterfall), pacing up and down the viewing boardwalk and talking a selfie (on his own), he invited me to take one last look.

Getting Engaged in Iceland Getting Engaged in Iceland
Getting Engaged in Iceland

What he was trying to do, while I was whining about going back to the car, was buy time to try and make sure we were on our own, and he succeeded! And suddenly, his annoyance at the couple who were taking photos using a timer, the pacing, and the insistence that we ‘wait’, all made sense.

Getting Engaged in Iceland

Now we’re engaged… and it comes with spreadsheets! 💒

He chose the ring and it is perfect, everything I could have wanted. It changes in the light and looks different every other time I look at it. Ideal for someone who often can’t stick to the same nail varnish in the same day.

We wanted to tell as many as people in-person as possible so once we got home, we staggered our announcements for around six weeks. It was actually a really fun way to do it in the end, aside from keeping my left hand out of photos for that amount of time ✌️. All the reactions we’ve had have been so, so lovely but announcing it out of the blue never got any easier (how do you casually bring it up in conversation?!).

We aren’t planning on a long engagement so most of this month so far has been spent looking at venues and we’re very much in the full throws of planning. So far, it’s been both fun and stressful in equal measures. I have promised myself to try and be as laid back as possible but only time will tell. Even with the wedding-stressing, being engaged to my best friend (lol 💕) mainly has me really excited and happy!